Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – April 18, 2021

Lamy Aion Dark Green repeats as a favorite this wek.
Yes, I’m in a rut. But I really like it here.

My fountain pen usage was way up this week. Almost all the ink was applied with the Lamy Aion Dark Green pen. I also kept the Diplomat Aero (F) and Sailor Ringless Epinard (Zoom) available for when I wanted a different colorer a thicker line. They were rarely used.

In addition to the usual notes and lists, I did journal every day, but only resulting in about five B5 pages. I did write a lot using a Doane Paper Writing Pad, I use the larger size. While the paper can’t be called fountain pen friendly, I like the way my fountain pens perform & feel on it. I also find the pads conducive to writing.

The Aion should run dry later today. That would mean the cartridge was used up in just under two weeks, a real feat for me. If not, it’s already close enough that I won’t feel guilty flushing it out sometime today. When inverted, the remaining ink just fills the tapered section of the Lamy cartridge. I have other already inked pens that I want to use, so I’ll put the Aion aside for a bit. I want to see how long I can go before missing it so much that I have to ink it up. I had said in a previous post, I liked the Aion’s nib so much that I might not follow through on my plan to swap it for a 14k Oblique-Medium. When I do ink it up again, I will be swapping it. I have a new OM that I want to test, so I’ll use this pen. I don’t have any obliques inked up, and I’m missing them.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 by Rick Atkinson (audiobook). I finished it. Finally. Despite the length of time it took to read it, I enjoyed it and downloaded the third (and final) volume in the series, but haven’t started it.
Reading: Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson. I haven’t made much more progress. I’m still not engaged with the story. It’s a relatively short book, yet my two-week library loan ran out. I debated, then renewed it since there wasn’t a waiting list for it.

New Arrivals

  1. Retro 51 Vintage Metalsmith, Lincoln Antique Copper (Fine): Over the years I stopped at many tag/garage/yard sales, keeping my eye out for fountain pens, among other things. I don’t remember ever buying one at a tag sale. This year I’ve made two stops, and bought two pens. I already have the stub version of this pen, and was not on the lookout for this pen. But at a tag sale price, and still sealed in the packaging, I bought it.





Out of Rotation

I changed to name of this section since I may remove pens from the rotation before they’re actually written dry, and changed the name of the next section to maintain the theme.

  1. Retro 51 Vintage Metalsmith, Lincoln Antique Copper (stub): Stub nibs, especially 1.1mm stubs, aren’t for me. So, I haven’t used this one in awhile and the ink is mostly evaporated from the cartridge. I cleaned it out before it evaporated completely. One reason I got the pen is to see if the new supplier (for the pen) nib performed more to my liking. It is, much less wet, with an ink line that’s appropriate for the nib. My previous Retro 51 Lincoln stub was a gusher.

Into Rotation


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Coach, broadcaster, esports icon – Inside the legacy of John Madden

I’m a Red Sox fan, so I had to include this. No link, since this won’t last very long, I had to grab Saturday’s standings for posterity. Especially with that last place team. And yes, I fully expect this to be fodder for ridicule in October.

Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – April 11, 2021

This Week’s Favorite: Lamy Aion Dark Green (EF)

My fountain pen usage was up this past week. I did skip a day of journaling, and the total journal pages only numbered five. But I published an article this week, and there were drafts for that. I also did considerable note-taking and made a lot of lists.

The Dark Green Lamy Aion is clearly my favorite fountain pen of the week. Unless I wanted another color or a thicker line, it has been the only fountain pen I’ve used since Tuesday. My first impressions are here, but suffice it to say; I love the Aion.

Missed, But No Regrets

I’ve been cleaning up some issues with the Fountain Pen Quest at its new home, and going through and organizing some photos. This has reminded me of fountain pens that I’ve passed on to others.

I’ve only come across one that I’ve truly missed. But, I have no regrets about selling it. I loved the tactile feel of the pen, along with the look. To top it off, it had a great nib. Despite all that, it was too thin for me to use comfortably.

Caran d'Ache Ivanhoe uncapped on a mirror with the cap standing 2
Caran d’Ache Ivanhoe

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 by Rick Atkinson (audiobook). I did a lot of driving this past week, which meant a lot of audiobook listening. Since I was in the groove listening to the book, I got some listening in most days, and I’m nearly done with the book. I’m enjoying it as much as any other history book and learning a few new (to me) details of history.
Reading: Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson. I was looking for a new mystery author and this was book 1 in a series that a local book club had on their reading list, so I decided to give it a try. I’m about 20% through, and while I’ll keep going, neither the story nor the main character has pulled me in.

New Arrivals

  1. Lamy Aion Dark Green (EF) – I’ve been using this pen since it arrived. I inked it up with the included ink cartridge.
  2. Lamy Safari Green (F) – This pen still sits unused. I bought it because not was green, but I have enough Safaris already inked.
  3. Lamy 14k Extra-Fine nib. It arrived, but remains unused.
  4. Lamy 14k Oblique-Medium nib. It arrived, but remains unused.
  5. Lamy Aion Red (F) – I came across this locally, at a good price, so bought it since I like the Dark Green Aion so much. It remains unused. I have a little regret about the purchase. I like red, I like the pen design, but I don’t really need another pen begging to be used.





Written Dry


Newly Inked


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This Just In: Lamy Aion Dark Green

Lamy Aion fountain pen

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a This Just In post, and even those last few stretched the meaning of This Just In. It’s time to return to my original intent with these posts, my first impressions within days of a new pens arrival.

The Lamy Aion Dark Green arrived on Monday, I inked it up Tuesday morning, and this post is being written on Thursday evening. Which means, don’t take this as anything resembling a thorough review, or even that my impressions won’t change.

So on to the pen…

The Lamy Aion wasn’t on my radar until I saw the Dark Green, and I immediately wanted it. From the picture it seemed like it could be another thin Lamy pen since there wasn’t anything else in the photo for scale. But the beautiful green color made me do some research.

The Aion reviews that I found were mixed, but seemed weighted on the negative side of the scale. In reading the reviews I found that many of the complaints were actually things I like in a fountain pen. The most common complaint was that the pen was chunky. Merriam-Webster defines chunky as “heavy, solid, and thick or bulky.” I don’t consider those as negative traits, unless taken to an extreme.

The Dark Green is a 2021 special edition, although it’s priced exactly the same as a basic black (or silver) Lamy Aion. Previous special editions are Blue (2019) & Red (2020), both of which can still be found new if you search hard enough. This is a good indicator that I didn’t need to rush the purchase. But I wanted the green, so while I didn’t need to rush, I wasn’t going to dawdle.

The Aion was designed by Jasper Morrison, a British designer of many non-pen products. I was a little concerned that he might do something weird with the design in order to make his mark. While there are design complaints, such as chunky it’s a minimalist, but otherwise valid design.

It was rolling out in the US and several places has it in stock so I could have ordered one, but I did hold off ordering for a bit. Of the retailers I watch, Anderson Pens was the last to list it for sale, which was about the time I decided to buy one. As I mentioned before, it arrived on Monday.

The Lamy Aion arrived in basic packaging and included an ink cartridge, a converter, a marketing/instruction pamphlet and warranty pamphlet. I ordered mine with an extra-fine nib.

Lamy Aion Dark green with packaging

First Inking

Lamy Aion Dark nib comparison
(L->R) Fine-> Lamy Aion extra-fine -> Lamy extra-fine (click for full-size image)

As is my current practice, I popped the included ink cartridge onto the Aion. By the time I grabbed a piece of paper the ink had reached the nib, and was ready to write.

Speaking of the nib; it isn’t the same that’s used in the Safaris, AL-Stars , and other Lamy pens. It will fit the feed of those fountain pens (except the Lamy 2000) so the nibs are interchangeable. The Aion nib starts tapering in to the point further from the barrel.

Writing with the Lamy Aion

Lamy Aion Dark Green, fine nib,uncapped with writing sample

I was shocked with how smooth the extra-fine nib is. It’s terrific. Despite having an aluminum gripping section the pen doesn’t slip in my hand. The section feels like it has an ever so slight texture to it, although it isn’t visible.

For some reason, it takes me a moment or two to settle the pen into my grip as I get ready to write with the nib in the right position. I’ll probably get used to it over time. I use a Penwell Traveller at my desk. I soft cap the pen in the Penwell when I take a break. Since the pen is in the same orientation when I place and remove it, this isn’t a problem when I’m at my desk. It still takes me a moment if the pen has been capped and on my desk in a pen case. It’s a problem I have with hooded or small nibs. But the Aion’s nib is neither hooded or small, so I’m not sure why I have to concentrate when first holding the pen.

The inner cap only reaches about half-way down from the top of the cap. If insert the pen at a slight angle, something I do a lot, the edge of the pen catches on the inner cap. It doesn’t appear capable of bending the nib itself, but it is annoying to have to straighten the barrel on half my capping attempts.

I like pens on the chunky and heavy part of the spectrum, so it’s not that all those reviews are wrong, but I love writing with the Lamy Aion. And I love seeing the color on my desk when I’m not using the pen. I don’t post my pens, and the unposted pen is plenty long enough to be comfortable.

The nib is a smooth, consistent writer. I haven’t experienced any hard starts or skipping.

Wrapping Up

I’m impressed with the Lamy Aion Dark Green and I love it so far. Granted, it’s only been three days. I ordered a 14k gold oblique-medium nib with the attempt to use it on this pen if it was comfortable. Well, it’s comfortable, but the Aion’s steel nib is so good that I’ll probably be forced to find another pen for the oblique-medium.

This pen is definitely a keeper, it needs a little more time in my hand to earn its place as a core pen.

Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – April 4, 2021

Happy Easter Bunny

I got my second vaccination shot this week, so that alone makes it a good week no matter what else happened. The first shot was side-effect free and the first 24 hours after this shot were side-effect free, but I started feeling tired late Friday, almost exactly 24 hours after the shot. I attribute it to the shot since I’ve generally been sleeping well. I was so tired that I left dirty dinner dishes soaking in the sink when I went to bed two hours early. I absolutely hate doing this, but didn’t care. Despite a good 8 hours sleep I was still, dragging around Saturday morning. I’m writing this Saturday morning in case I fall asleep during the day. I plan to add any new links later in the day, but if I sleep through it they’ll be included in next week’s post.

My fountain pen usage was down this week again, and I missed a couple days of journalling. No real favorite pen this week. I rotated through three pens, the Lamy Safari Terra (EF), the Lamy Safari (OM), and the Diplomat Green Aero with the 14kt fine nib. While I enjoyed them all, the Terra’s steel extra-fine nib was noticeably less pleasant than the other two. Which led me to a purchasing decision I’ll mention below.

The really bad news is that my wallet took a pretty big hit this week.

Currently, I have a twin fascination with green pens and with Lamy pens. They intersected and I ordered a Dark Green Lamy Aion with an extra-fine nib. I also threw in a basic green Lamy Safari. Blowing my prediction in my Lamy gold nib review, I did order another Lamy gold nib, or rather two more. The more I used the oblique medium, the more I liked in and wanted more.

I ordered another gold oblique medium nib and plan to put it on the Aion. The Aion can fit the Z55 nib (Safari nib), although the Aion’s nib itself has a slightly different shape than the typical Safari nib. I also ordered a gold extra-fine nib since the Terra’s steel extra-fine nib was noticeably less pleasant than the gold nibs I was using along with it.

I also replenished some paper and other stationery supplies.

Nock Co released a new Lookout three-pen case color way. I received an orange Lookout case when I backed the Kickstarter launch of their company back in 2014. It eventually became my favorite, and most used, out of all those launch cases. I misplaced the case a few years ago (no pens were inside). Since it never turned up, and I moved out of my apartment, I declared in lost, never to return, and started looking for a new one. Either they didn’t stock any, or I didn’t check their website at the right time, and I eventually stopped looking. I recently heard mention of it’s return, probably on the Pen Addict podcast, and I ordered one when they became available. This is more nostalgia for a case I really liked, I don’t really need another pen case. I do expect to use it, probably replacing the Nock Co Tallulah that I currently carry in my Nock Co Lanier. Yes, there’s a consistency to my cases. I also continued my green theme by throwing in a pack of Lime Green DotDash index cards.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 by Rick Atkinson (audiobook).
Reading: I haven’t started another book yet.

New Arrivals



  1. Lamy Aion Dark Green with an extra-fine nib
  2. Lamy Safari Green with an extra fine nib
  3. Lamy 14k oblique medium nib
  4. Lamy 14k extra fine nib



Written Dry


Newly Inked


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Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 28, 2021

Photo of my pens for this week, a Lamy Safari Terra (EF) and Lamy Safari Mango (OM) and
For the week ahead: Lamy Safari Terra (EF) with the factory cartridge and Lamy Safari Mango (14kt OM) and Lamy Violet ink

My fountain pen usage was up a bit from the previous week. I can’t claim that as a huge accomplishment; the bar was vary low. I did continue my streak of journaling every day.

No real favorites this week. I had planned to use the Kona Cherry and KOP as my pens this past week, but the KOP went dry early in the week. I pulled out the Lamy Safari with the Oblique Medium nib to replace the KOP. The Diplomat Green Aero saw more use than the Kona Cherry. The Oblique Medium nib will remain for the week ahead, and will be joined by my new Lamy Terra with an extra-fine nib, and the factory provided ink cartridge. I like pairing a thin nib with a wider nib in my two-pen case.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 by Rick Atkinson (audiobook). I’m still making progress, albeit slowly, through this one. I’m close to halfway, but not there yet.
Reading: Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard. I finished this one off. Like any Elmore Leonard book, It didn’t require a lot of effort to read, and I enjoyed it. I curious and watched the movie again. It was closer to the book than I remembered. The book has more room to develop characters, but some minor characters I didn’t remember were in the movie, just quickly brushed over.

New Arrivals






Written Dry

  1. Sailor Tangerine King of Pen (O.M.) ran out of Sailor Shimoyo ink on Tuesday.

Newly Inked



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